The SCIOPTA File System was designed for high flexibility allowing the user to adapt the file handling for various embedded applications. An application can use standard POSIX system calls to access the SCIOPTA File System. If you want to take full advantage of the speed, security and debug possibilities of SCIOPTA messages you can directly use messages to communicate with a SCIOPTA file system.
SAFE FAT Features:
Windows compatible FAT Filesystem
CPU architecture independent
Small footprint
Supportet sector size from 512 B to 4096 B
Long file name support
Multiple volumes (physical drives and partitions)
Multitasking safe
Multiple ANSI/OEM code pages including DBCS
Read-only configuration
Configurable size of FAT cache
Compliant with SCIOPTA Device Driver model
Works with any storage device compatible with SCIOPTA Device Driver model
Convenient function interface provided