1988  Founding of Litronic AG as a consulting and engineering company for embedded and real-time systems by Roland Lips


1990 Litronic AG adds sales and support of development tools for embedded systems.

1991 Partnership with the Swedish Enea Data AB starts. Litronic AG becomes one of the first distributors for the OSE real-time operating system. Sales and support of OSE in Switzerland and Austria.

1995 Roland Lips creates Enea Data GmbH in Munich, Germany. The first Enea office outside scandinavia starts selling and supporting the OSE real-time operating system.


1996 The Munich based Enea Data GmbH becomes Enea OSE Systems GmbH and the mother Enea Data AB becomes Enea OSE Systems AB.


1997 Litronic AG develops and ships the first OSE Kernel.

1998 After the successful introduction of OSE in the German speaking parts of Europe, Roland Lips sells all shares of Enea OSE Systems GmbH Munich to the Swedish Enea OSE Systems AB.

1999 Creation of the joint-venture Enea OSE Engineering GmbH located in Weil am Rhein, Germany, between Enea OSE Systems AB and Roland Lips. This company becomes the global competence centre for the OSE Epsilon product line.

2003 Enea (Sweden) buys all shares of Enea OSE Engineering GmbH from Roland Lips. The OSE Epsilon product line will be re-integrated into Enea Sweden.

2003 Litronic AG takes all employees of former Enea OSE Engineering GmbH and creates SCIOPTA Systems GmbH at the same location.

2003 Official introduction of the SCIOPTA brand name and product line.

2006 The mother company Litronic AG changes the name to SCIOPTA Systems AG and moves to another location in the same region.