C/PEG is a complete graphics solution for embedded developers written entirely in ANSI C. C/PEG not only provides optimized graphics primitives, text and bitmap drawing; it also supports higher level graphic objects to give the developer a full tool set for rapid application development.

C/PEG is small, fast and portable. Written from the ground up to meet the needs of embedded systems developers, special attention has been paid to the crafting of the code. Its flexible architecture also makes it easily extensible to allow the application developer to exceed the market demands for device GUI presentation. C/PEG’s modular design also means it easily scales from small, monochromatic screens to large, full color displays.

PEG+ ™

The PEG+ (PortableEmbedded GUI) package is a professional quality software library and toolset created to meet the needs of embedded systems developers. PEG+ is small, fast, and easily ported to virtually any hardware configuration capable of supporting graphical output. PEG+ delivers exceptional visual appeal utilizing an intuitive and powerful API that allows complete customization of the graphical appearance.

PEG+ is simply the most complete GUI software available to real-time embedded system developers. The development tools, documentation, and support you will require for creating a graphical user interface on an embedded system are included with the PEG+ library and PEG Developers Toolkit.

PEG+ is delivered with full source code, a large set of example programs, and hardware interface support for a broad array of popular target systems. PEG+ will run “out of the box” on nearly any embedded system, while thorough documentation and support insure you are up and running on your embedded target quickly.

Modern products often need to support sales in multiple foreign markets. PEG+ provides full support for Unicode two-byte character encoding, allowing your product to run simultaneously in any number of languages.

PEG Developers Toolkit™

Our goal is to provide a complete graphics package for embedded systems. The PEG Developers Toolkit is a core component of this package, providing a complete set of development tools you will need when creating your user interface.

The PEG Developers Toolkit includes three main components.

Font Capture

A font creator and editor producing ROMable and run-time loadable PEG compatible fonts.

Image Convert

A complete image maintenance and conversion tool. ImageConvert allows you to easily utilize GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP graphics in your PEG applications.

PEG WindowBuilder™

A complete WYSIWYG screen designer. WindowBuilder includes Unicode Internationalization facilities, drag-and-drop font and image assignment, and produces PEG compatible source code ready to compile and run on your target system.