SCIOPTA Simulator

SCIOPTA WIN32 Kernel Simulator is an environment on a PC workstation running Microsoft® Windows® WIN32 for simulating a SCIOPTA kernel and SCIOPTA applications.

SCIOPTA WIN32 Kernel Simulator

SCIOPTA WIN32 Kernel Simulator simulates a SCIOPTA kernel on top of Windows.

Use cases are unit testing, demonstrators or early development start if the target hardware is not available.


Each SCIOPTA process is implemented as a Windows Thread.

The SCIOPTA scheduler is located inside an own Windows Thread. This thread has a higher priority than all other SCIOPTA process threads to guarantee the same scheduling behavior of the SCIOPTA Simulator as a SCIOPTA in a real target system.

Interrupt Processes

SCIOPTA interrupt processes are also implemented as Windows Threads.

Any blocking windows functions (e.g. ReadConsoleInput) can be used as simulated interrupt source.

This is used for example to provide an Ethernet driver which allows the use of SCIOPTA IPS in the simulator.

Development Environment

In order to design, develop, debug and run a SCIOPTA Kernel Simulator application, you need a Microsoft® Visual C++ Development Environment.

The SCIOPTA Kernel Simulator product is tested with the following Microsoft® Visual C++ Development Environments:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 version 16.11 and newer
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 Version 17.1 and newer

SCIOPTA also provides a kernel awareness (plugin) to allow the same view into the system as it is known from target development.

For both environments, getting started examples are included.

The simulator has been tested on Win7, Win10 and Win11.