Memory Protection

Memory Protection

Many embedded systems include memory protection, which is required to build fault tolerant systems. An increasing number of CPUs have on-chip memory management units (MMU) or Memory Protection Units (MPU).

SCIOPTA supports memory protection with the SCIOPTA Memory Management System (SMMS).

SCIOPTA Memory Management System SMMS

SCIOPTA applications can take full advantage of hardware memory management/protection units by using SMMS. The MMU/MPU of the CPU can protect data, code belonging to processes, and it protects whole memory areas from corruption.
The SCIOPTA standard kernel memory management and the CPU memory management unit functionality are integrated in SMMS. This helps the building of protected and fault tolerant systems.


Processes are grouped in SCIOPTA modules, which allows you to design a very modular system. Modules can be static or created and killed during run-time as a whole.

SCIOPTA modules can be used to encapsulate whole system blocks (such as a communication stack) and protect them from other modules in the system.