Today SCIOPTA Systems AG is announcing the immediate availability of the SCIOPTA Real-Time Operating Systems for the Atmel AT91SAM Smart ARM-based Microcontrollers.

The SCIOPTA AT91SAM RTOS is written in highly optimized assembler and specifically tuned for the AT91SAM Processors. This results in a very high performance and a low memory footprint.

SCIOPTA is fully dynamic. All system resources such as modules, processes and message memory pools can be created and killed during run-time.

Beside the fast Real-Time Kernel there is IPS (Internet Protocols, TCP/IP), IPS Applications (Web Server, DHCP, DNS, SMTP, Telnet, TFTP etc.), SFFS (Flash File Systems), USB support and the DRUID System Level Debugger available.

SCIOPTA is royalty free and supports actually the C/C++ compilers and environments from GNU GCC, ARM RealView and IAR. A precompiled version of GCC is included on the SCIOPTA CD.

AT91SAM Smart ARM-based Microcontrollers

Atmel’s AT91SAM7S, AT91SAM7X and AT91SAM9 Smart ARM®-based microcontrollers offer:

Proven architecture based on ten years’ experience in ARM-based standard products.

Predictable response to a real-time event within a specified number of clock cycles.

Significant enhancements to the basic ARM processor:

Peripheral DMA eliminates bottlenecks in memory-to-peripheral transfers

Advanced interrupt control enhances real-time performance

Single-instruction bit set/reset simplifies application code

Embedded Flash memory for flexible code and reference data storage

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, SPI, USART, etc.

Security: AES/TDES accelerators, memory lock bits, etc.

Code compatibility across all products

Low-cost development tools