Today Litronic AG is announcing the immediate availability of the SCIOPTA Real-Time Operating System for the Philips LPC2000 microcontroller family.

SCIOPTA LPC2000 is entirely written in assembler which results in a very high performance and a low memory footprint. The code size of 6-18 kbytes allows to use it also in pure single-chip applications.

The pre-emptive multitasking real-time kernel supports the standard SCIOPTA message-based architecture and includes a module concept.

Beside the fast real-time kernel there are IPS (SCIOPTA Internet Protocols, TCP/IP), Web Server, SFFS (SCIOPTA Flash File System) and USB support available. SCIOPTA LPC2000 is royalty free and supports actually the C/C++ compilers and environments from GNU GCC and ARM RealView. A precompiled version of GCC ARM is included in the SCIOPTA CD delivery.

PHILIPS LPC2000 Family

he 16/32-bit LPC2000 family is based on a 1.8V ARM7TDMI-S core operating at up to 60 MHz together with a wide range of peripherals including multiple serial interfaces, 10-bit ADC and external bus options. These controllers are designed for use in a range of applications including industrial control, automotive, medical, connectivity and any other general purpose embedded application requiring high performance and low power consumption in a cost-effective package.