Today Litronic AG is announcing the immediate availability of the SCIOPTA Real-Time Operating System for the RENESAS M16C microcontroller family.

SCIOPTA M16C is entirely written in assembler which results in a very high performance and a low memory footprint. The code size of 3.6 – 7.5 kbytes allows to use it also in pure single-chip applications. Supported controllers include specifically the M16C/60 series.

The pre-emptive multitasking real-time kernel supports the standard SCIOPTA message-based architecture. SCIOPTA M16C is fully dynamic. All system resources such as processes and message memory pools can be created and killed during run-time.

Beside the fast real-time kernel there is IPS (SCIOPTA Internet Protocols, TCP/IP) and Web Server support available. SCIOPTA M16C is royalty free and supports actually the C/C++ compilers and environments from Tasking and IAR.

RENESAS’s M16C Platform

The M16C Family offers a robust platform of 32/16-bit CISC microcomputers featuring high ROM code efficiency, extensive EMI/EMS noise immunity, ultra-low power consumption, high-speed processing in actual applications, and numerous and varied integrated peripherals. Extensive device scalability from low- to high-end, featuring a single architecture as well as compatible pin assignments and peripheral functions, provides support for a vast range of application fields. In addition, our low-cost development environment and program correction function help you shorten product development time while greatly reducing total system costs.

The M16C Family consists of the following: M32C/90 Series, M32C/80 Series, M16C/80 Series, M16C/60 Series, M16C/30 Series, M16C/Tiny Series, M16C/20 Series, M16C/10 Series, and R8C/Tiny Series.


The M16C/60 Series has 1MB of memory space. Standard on-chip peripherals include 16-bit Multifunction Timers (incl. 3-phase inverter motor control function), UART/Clock Synchronous Serial Interface, Clock Synchronous Serial Interface, 10-bit A/D Converter, 8-bit D/A Converters, DMACs, CRC Calculation Circuit, Watchdog Timer, etc.