SCIOPTA Systems AG is announcing the immediate availability of the SCIOPTA Real-Time Operating Systems for the MPC5554 processor.

The SCIOPTA MPC55xx RTOS is written in highly optimized assembler and specifically tuned for the MPC55xx processors. This results in a very high performance and a low memory footprint.

SCIOPTA is fully dynamic. All system resources such as modules, processes and message memory pools can be created and killed during run-time.

Beside the fast Real-Time Kernel there is IPS (Internet Protocols, TCP/IP), IPS Applications (Web Server, DHCP, DNS, SMTP, Telnet, TFTP etc.), SFFS (Flash File Systems), USB support, embedded GUI graphics support and the DRUID System Level Debugger available.

SCIOPTA is royalty free and supports actually the C/C++ compilers and environments from GNU GCC and Windriver/DIAB. A precompiled version of GCC is included on the SCIOPTA CD.

Freescale’s® MPC5554

The MPC5554 32-bit embedded controller is the first device from Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC55xx Family. Containing the Book E compliant PowerPC core, the MPC5554 is ideal for any application that requires complex, real-time control. It offers system performance of up to five times that of its MPC500 predecessors, while bringing you the reliability and familiarity of the proven PowerPC architecture.

The MPC5554 helps you face the dual pressures of controlling costs while designing for increasingly complex applications. This high-performance MCU delivers more on-chip functionality than the current MPC500 Family; the largest amount of embedded Flash offered from Freescale to date; enhanced timer systems and a peripheral set specifically tailored for automotive and industrial applications. The MPC5554 offers a migration path from the market-leading MPC500 Family of 32-bit MCUs, facilitating reuse of legacy software architectures.

Freescale’s® 55xx Controllers

>Building on the award-winning design of its MPC5xx family, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced an advanced line of 32-bit microcontrollers to the mass market, the MPC55xx Family. Containing a Power Architecture core, the MPC55xx families of microcontrollers provide the functionality and flexibility necessary for a wide range of automotive and industrial control applications.

The MPC55xx family consists of an array of package options for system performance needs and embedded flash requirements. Offering pin-compatibility throughout the entire flashed-based family, engineers are given the ability to migrate their efforts from one design to another, reducing development costs and improving time to market.