A SCIOPTA kernel awareness plug-in for iSYSTEMs integrated development environment winIDEA is now available. It is based on iSYSTEMs plug-in framework to integrate external applications into the winIDEA IDE.

The SCIOPTA/winIDEA plug-in is part of our product portfolio and completes the SCIOPTA DRUID system-level debugger.

The kernel awareness plug-in includes the display of processes, modules, pools and other SCIOPTA objects. So all that is necessary to get a picture of what is going on while an application has been executed on a target system. It mainly helps a customer to measure stack load, system status and to identify unreleased messages within the SCIOPTA message pool.

The iSYSTEM debugger gives a low-level view of the application behaviour where as the DRUID system level debugger covers the system level (application behaviour on a process and module level).


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