SCIOPTA Systems and IAR Systems Announce Collaboration SCIOPTA Systems and IAR Systems Announce Collaboration
IAR Systems and SCIOPTA Systems have entered into an agreement on a joint solution of RTOS and development tools to address the needs of customers building safety-critical applications, including those that have a need for IEC 61508 certification.
Under the agreement between IAR Systems and SCIOPTA Systems each party will sell and support the combination of the SCIOPTA RTOS—a pre-emptive multi-tasking high performance real-time kernel—and IAR Embedded Workbench, which are both well adapted for safety-critical applications.
Many different embedded software applications can be seen as safety-critical, including those used in automotive, rail, avionics, oil refineries, chemical processing plants, nuclear power plants and medical electronics. As these software applications become increasingly complex, the costs associated with the development of embedded software in a safety environment also increase. Independently of whether or not the safety-critical application requires conformance to a certain standard such as IEC 61508, the choice of the right software development tools and the right RTOS will have a significant impact on the life cycle cost of the software application.
SCIOPTA also has a long-standing association with safety-critical applications: its pre-emptive multi-tasking high performance real-time kernel includes many built-in safety features that make it particularly suited to high integrity operation, including direct message passing. SCIOPTA is currently in the final stages of certification by TÜV to the IEC 61508 standard at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3), a qualification that makes it an even more attractive option for developing safety-critical applications.
Roland Lips, CEO of SCIOPTA Systems, commented, “IAR Systems has a reputation of providing highly competent and easy-to-use tools with an intuitive interface. For developers to be able to access our RTOS through this interface, and at the same time utilise the advanced verification capability of IAR visualSTATE, will give them a major advantage when designing safety-critical systems.”
“We particularly welcome this new partnership between IAR Systems and SCIOPTA. I have experience of working on customer projects with both of these companies, and such a close cooperation combined with the benefit of a ‘one-stop shop’ will clearly be a major advantage to customers,” said Rainer Faller of Exida, a US company specializing in the safety and reliability of automation systems.
“SCIOPTA high performance real-time kernel fills in a vital missing piece that will enable IAR Systems to achieve its aim of developing a comprehensive offering for high integrity and safety-critical applications,” commented Anders Flodin, Director Business Development, IAR Systems. “We are very pleased to have forged this close partnership with SCIOPTA.“