Modeling SCIOPTA Systems

Roland Lips

The here presented SCIOPTA model is based on UML. The SCIOPTA process classes are modeled by using specific state diagrams with a subset of the standard UML state diagram.

Standard Modeling Tools are often used to model any kind of systems including embedded real-time systems. As these tools are not considering all features of a possible underlaying real-time operating systems these features are often lost. This model supports all features available in SCIOPTA.

SCIOPTA systems using this model can easily be designed by using standard flowchart design tools such as Microsoft’s® Vision® or even Draw.

There is no automatic code generation yet available for the SCIOPTA model. But it should be very easy to transform the graphical notation into code including the SCIOPTA system calls.

If code generation is needed PragmaDev®’s Real Time Developer Studio or IBM’s® Telelogic® Rhapsody® may be used.

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